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  What separates us from the other companies?
Performance oriented high quality service - we benchmark ourselves against world class recruitment practices and continuously improve and refine every step in our recruitment process - a smooth and consistent process enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of hiring at our clients side.
Customer care and long term partnership - we focus not only on filling in the vacancies but anticipating clients needs - we partner with our clients to build a medium to long term talent pipeline; this translates into sustainability of talent supply for our clients and makes them a step ahead of their competitors in the market.
Only one experienced account manager as client contact window
Focus on middle to senior level positions as well as hard to find technical/language combination positions - we have a proven track record to find challenging skill sets fast thus reducing opportunity costs of our clients’ business.
High quality of our talent pool - we have cultivated relationships with potential talents from China and overseas enabling our clients to optimize the match between position and talent.
Our talents have a good cultural fit with our clients thus reducing the turnover rate - we spend considerable time to understand values and strategies of companies and matching them with “like-minded talents”.

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